Video Review Guide: Scam or Legit?

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May 282016

In this article you’re going to find out my official review for a website. As in…I’ll answer whether or not it’s a scam..If it’s legit and if it works..You know..All the good info!

Consensus: It works, you just need to complete the human verification. Human verification is usually in the form of a survey. As long as you complete the survey for the verification, you should get whatever you’re trying to generate.

My Experience: I generated a bunch of cod points as well as some other fun stuff like a Netflix account. Super helpful for just a young college grad trying to get by on a minimum wage salary.

If you want to connect with them you can check out their social media links below.

Coral Cougar Ventures Twitter – Their twitter page is filled with some amazing things that I find very funny. You can get the hack here.

Coral Cougar Ventures Facebook – Facebook is getting old QUICK! But that still doesn’t mean I check them out.

Coral Cougar Ventures Pinterest – Who says they don’t like pinterest? I sure do love it. Just check them out and do some pins!

Purple Cheetah Labs Review

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May 282016

Here’s my official review for purple cheetah labs.

If you’re not on the site as well, then you can check out the purple cheetah labs website here. It’s a relatively good website all around.

Quick Analysis: It works!

You can read the rest of my analysis below about my experience.

So i landed on the website and then chose the generator that I wanted to use. They made it super easy for you to choose which one you need to choose. Then after that you just follow the instructions on the generator.

Each generator is a little unique and will require you to go through human verification.

This is where a lot of people trip up. You must complete the human verification. The human verification is typically a survey. So just complete the survey or offer and you’ll be able to be good to go.

Once you bypass human verification, regardless of what generator you’re using, you’ll get the goods for whatever you’re trying to generate.

Some of their social media for contact:

purplecheetahlabs – this is their twitter page. Just tweet at them and it’ll be helpful.

PURPLE CHEETAH LABS – Here is their pinterest page. I know alot of dudes aren’t into pinterest, but they still have a good pinterest page for those pinners!

Purple cheetah labs review – a helpful youtube video that people like to view when regards to reviewing them.